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During a performance at the Theatre of Romeo and Juliet, the actress playing Juliet was found dead at the end of the performance. The plastic dagger used as a prop had been replaced by a real one. Culiniario Mortale is an investigative game in which players play characters who are witnesses and suspects in a crime. Among them is the culprit. Players must unmask the culprit and the culprit must go unnoticed. All players are given a booklet that tells them who they are and what they did before the crime. Everyone will remember what happened before the tragedy. The game is played in three rounds that correspond to three periods before the murder. The players will talk about what they saw and did. To do this they refer to the booklet that gives the chronology of events. Beware, nobody can knowingly lie, except the murderer. At the end of the three rounds, a vote takes place to decide who is guilty.

Culinario Mortale is a range of investigative dinner. During a meal, the players will each play a character. A drama has just taken place, the players will have to investigate to find the culprit among them. The rhythm is steady and the plot is thrilling, for an evening full of twists and turns!

Culinario Mortale: Dernier Acte CoverCulinario Mortale: Dernier Acte Cover 3dCulinario Mortale: Dernier Acte EclateCulinario Mortale: Dernier Acte Eclate

Contents of the box : 8 character cards, 1 prologue card, 1 game rule, 8 easels.

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Primary titleCulinario Mortale: Dernier Acte
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
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Product CodeCUL002MO
EAN Code4260357833058
Weight0.64 lbs
Size4.72 x 9.06 x 0.79 inches
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PublishersCulinario Mortale
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily