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In this card and communication game, play Dany or one of his personalities. To exist, they must communicate with each other by playing with Dany's memories. Dany must do everything possible to make them fail and disappear forever. In this new version of Dany: discover his Reason, play with the titles of leading pop culture films.

Secretly a personality in DANY's head. One of the players will be DANY's true personality and one of the others will be Dany's Reason, his ally. In each round, the Active Personality will be given one Idea out of five to be guessed by the other personalities thanks to Souvenir Cards (picture cards). Once the composition has been made, and after discussion, the player to the right of the Active Personality gives the answer of his choice and a success or failure is attributed to all the players. A new round begins with a new Active Personality.

The game ends if there are: 6 successes: the Secondary Personalities win, 4 failures or if the Souvenir Deck is exhausted: the final twist takes place. Players must eliminate DANY in a vote. If DANY is eliminated, the secondary personalities win, otherwise DANY and his Reason win!

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Dany: Se Fait des Films Règle : French

Contents of the box : 64 large format cards (80 x 120mm).

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Primary titleDany: Se Fait des Films
Year published2020
Release DateMay 2020
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Product CodeGRR006DA
EAN Code3760290560048
Weight1.05 lbs
Size5.71 x 5.71 x 1.38 inches
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DesignersPhil Vizcarro
ArtistsAntoine Baillargeau
PublishersGrrre Games
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily