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Detective - Season 1, is the new game of the Detective license, awarded Ace d'Or for the best Expert 2019 game. In Detective, players take on the role of investigators who must, together, solve particularly mysterious crimes. Completely immersive, the Detective experience redefines the investigative game. Go out into the field to investigate the various leads, interview witnesses, and then move on to the Lab for some analysis. Once at the station, rely on your database and cross-check your clues with your Internet research! Little by little, build your mental map and try to reconstruct the thread of events. But be careful not to get lost in conjectures! Without overwhelming evidence, it's impossible for you to build a sufficiently solid case... In Detective you don't play the investigator, you are an investigator.

A brand new independent company. Detective - Season 1 is a standalone game, playable independently from the other titles in the Detective saga. So you don't need to own any other Detective games to start your investigations! Season 1 offers three captivating cases to solve for very different gameplay atmospheres and sensations each time. Unlike Detective: A Modern Investigation Game, the cases in Season 1 are not linked to each other and you can discover them at your own pace, in any order you wish, even with different teams!

Accessibility and immersion, ideal for new recruits. As immersive as ever, Detective - Season 1 offers a deliberately more accessible gaming experience, allowing new investigators to discover their new assignments. With a more condensed format (3 investigations of 90 minutes each) and a more affordable price, Season 1 proves to be the ideal box to discover the Detective experience! But don't think the job will be "easy", though! The Detective series investigations are often deceptive, and always captivating!

Detective: Un Jeu d'Enquête Moderne - Saison 1 CoverDetective: Un Jeu d'Enquête Moderne - Saison 1 Cover 3dDetective: Un Jeu d'Enquête Moderne - Saison 1 EclateDétective: Un Jeu d'Enquête Moderne - Saison 1 Eclate

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Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One Rulebook : English, French

Contents of the box : 3 case decks, 7 skill tokens, 1 wooden time marker, 1 wooden investigators marker, 5 character tiles, 4 special tokens, 24 portrait pictures, 1 game board, 1 intro sheet/database guide, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titleDétective: Un Jeu d'Enquête Moderne - Saison 1
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product Code22739
EAN Code3760175517617
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DesignersIgnacy TrzewiczekMerry TrzewiczekWeronika Spyra
ArtistsTomasz JedruszekRafał SzymaMateusz BielskiEwa KostorzMaciej JanikMaja Budner
PublishersIelloPortal Games
Type of publicAmateur