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Ten years have passed since dinosaurs were introduced into the world. While the first years of the park's expansion proved successful, the market quickly became over-saturated and public interest waned. The technology super giant, IntelliGen Designs, has partnered with DinoGenics IOM to bring prehistoric aquatic life forms back from the brink of extinction. IntelliGen Designs promises that the species made available through this partnership will be extremely profitable for local industries .

DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos CartesDinoGenics: Controlled Chaos CartesDinoGenics: Controlled Chaos CartesDinoGenics: Controlled Chaos Cartes

DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos funded on the Kickstarter platform

DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 08 August 2019, the campaign lasted 30 days. 4,888 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was $27,000.00. Thanks to these 4,888 people the game could be funded up to $301,008.00, ~1,114.84%.

Good to know!

We bring to your attention that this game is an extension and therefore cannot be played alone. Renew your games by enriching your basic game with this extension.

To be able to play it, you must have a copy of the game DinoGenics.

4 Files Available

Download the rule for DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos or any other documents (scenarios, goodies, pedagogical sheet, erratum, ...). 4 PDF files are available. See all available files

Contents of the box : 1 IntelliGen Designs subtray, 24 Aquatic Dinosaur Tokens, 10 Dinosaur Tokens, 60 eDNA Cards, 22 DNA Cards, 12 Breaking News Cards, 18 Specialist Cards, 21 Handling Cards, 20 Large Installations, 4 Credit Tokens, 12 Standard Installations, 10 Refined DNA Tokens, 2 Maintenance Dice.

3 Videos Available

I try to inform myself about the game, so I do not hesitate to watch a video explanation to know the rules
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Primary titleDinoGenics: Controlled Chaos
Year published2020
Release DateJune 2020
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersRichard Keene
ArtistsAnthony CournoyerNikola MatkovicTan Ho Sim
PublishersLa Boite De JeuNinth Haven Games
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2020 - DinoGenics