Escape Game: Enquête à Baker Street

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Escape Game: Enquête à Baker Street

Players: 1+
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48 Pages
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Age: 12+
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Will you be able to escape from this adventure? London, 1889: a robbery was committed at a lord's house in the famous Baker street! The English detective being too busy, he asks you to investigate in his place... Interview the suspects and unmask the culprit before his return. In this adventure, you will have to observe, manipulate and solve puzzles like in a real escape game. Thanks to these puzzles (encrypted alphabet, maze, logical deduction, etc.), you will advance in the investigation and in the book, to find the solution in 60 minutes max!

What is an escape game? As a team, you find yourself locked in a themed room. Your goal is to escape by searching the room, solving puzzles and deciphering codes, all in less than 60 minutes. Based on the principle of the escape game, here is the book that will allow you to play it at home, alone or with friends!

Contents of the box : 1 book of 48 pages.

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Primary titleEscape Game: Enquête à Baker Street
Year published2020
Release DateJune 2020
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EAN Code9782317022746
Weight0.44 lbs
Size7.91 x 11.69 x 0.31 inches
Number of pages48
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersRémy StrobbeMickaël Tardy
ArtistsAdrien Tardy
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicFamily