2-6 Players
Nb of players

30 Min
Playing time

Age: 14+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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In the legendary episode "He who bet the apartment", the girls confront the boys in a game of questions imagined by Ross. It is during this game that the girls lose their apartment. Find today this hilarious episode in a game totally inspired by this epic moment! In this adaptation of the game imagined by Ross, confront your friends on questions of varying difficulty referring to the series Friends and its characters. The 5 categories, as well as the material (table to count the points), are taken from the episode: Questions and answers, fears and pet peeves, ancient history, literature, it's all about family.

Before starting the game, form two teams and decide what is at stake (make a meal for the other team, clean the bathroom...). The teams take turns answering the questions, then in a second round each team will do a time trial against the hourglass. A maximum number of questions must then be answered before the time runs out. The team with the most points wins the game.

Friends: La Série TV - Celui qui Pariait l'Appartement CartesFriends: La Série TV - Celui qui Pariait l'Appartement CartesFriends: La Série TV - Celui qui Pariait l'Appartement CoverFriends: La Série TV - Celui qui Pariait l'Appartement Cover 3d

Contents of the box : 250 question cards, 1 dry-erase game board, 1 cardboard holder, 2 giant dry-erase cards, 2 plastic holders, 1 hourglass, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleFriends: La Série TV - Celui qui Pariait l'Appartement
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
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Product Code186766
EAN Code0778988325445
Size9.65 x 10.43 x 2.76 inches
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PublishersSpin Master Ltd.
Type of publicFamily