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It has already been a long night for you and the rest of the palliative care team. The sun rises when the head nurse calls you in an adjoining room. "This one is a fighter," she tells you. "Here. "She hands you a card. Patient's name, Billy Kerr; 60 years old; evacuated from a Sydney-London flight after a heart attack. A less strong man would already be dead, but I think we have to prepare for the worst. I want you and your team to make sure that his last days are as pleasant as possible.

Holding On: Billy Kerr's Troubled Life is a cooperative game in which players play as the caregivers of a team responsible for caring for the terminally ill. Your new patient was admitted urgently after a heart attack that occurred during a flight from Sydney to London. All you know about him at the beginning of the game is that his name is Billy Kerr, he's 60 years old and he's only given a few more days to live.

Players must work together to provide Billy with appropriate care and respond to medical emergencies while earning his trust. With ten fully replayable scenarios, you will have to dive unreservedly into the abyss of its chaotic past in order to reconstruct its entire life from its memories. Once you have learned more about Billy, can you help him find the courage he needs to face the three regrets that keep him alive?

Holding On: La Vie Trouble de Billy Kerr CartesHolding On: La Vie Trouble de Billy Kerr CartesHolding On: La Vie Trouble de Billy Kerr CartesHolding On: La Vie Trouble de Billy Kerr Cover

One File Available

Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 1 Rule Booklet, 1 Tray, 1 Leader's Block Holder, 39 Patient Cards, 35 Partial Memory Cards, 35 Precise Memory Cards, 72 Narration Cards, 1 Billy Chit, 4 Nurse Chits, 3 Caregiver Chits, 2 Emergency Cards, 24 Care Chips, 12 Stress Chips, 10 Follow-up Chips, 2 Warning Chips, 1 Contact Tile.

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Primary titleHolding On: La Vie Trouble de Billy Kerr
Year published2020
Release DateJanuary 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeHUGHLN01FR
EAN Code3558380064909
Weight2.49 lbs
Size7.91 x 11.18 x 3.31 inches
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DesignersRory O'ConnorMichael Fox
ArtistsBryn Jones
PublishersHub Games
Type of publicAmateur