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The Beast has invited you to his castle for a masquerade. When you enter, you are magically transformed into another character from the Forest of Grimm! The Beast loves his antics! Players will be unmasked if they are given 2 artifacts of their scourge, but they can win the magic masquerade if they are able to collect 3 artifacts from their favor. The Beast loves to watch characters try to chase each other away. Each player will shoot 2 artifacts, keep one for themselves, and give 1 to any player at the ball. This reveals a lot of information about both players. Why did you keep this artifact? Oh excuse me Snow White, I see you have two mirrors that are ousting you as the Evil Queen? Returning 2 artifacts also activates special actions, playing them well in time will bring many benefits!

Don't worry if you are unveiled early, you take the role of a ghost, you guess which character you think will win the magic masquerade and if you are right, you win with them! You also take turns handing out artefacts to the characters to try and tip the scales in your favour! The first player to collect 3 favored artifacts or be the last player left will win. All other players will receive a token in their defeat. When someone has 3 tokens, it triggers the end of the masquerade and you can see which player was the best!

La Mascarade des Frères Grimm CartesLa Mascarade des Frères Grimm CartesLa Mascarade des Frères Grimm CartesLa Mascarade des Frères Grimm Cover

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The Grimm Masquerade Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : Game board, 8 Character cards, 1 Point the Finger board, 6 standard Action cards, 35 Evidence markers (7 per player), 48 Artifact cards, 35 Rose tokens, 3 Rose Trophies, 7 Player Aid cards, 6 Broken Mirror markers, 5 Treasure tokens, 8 Wager cards, 1 advanced Action card (Secrets), 8 Special Ability cards.

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Primary titleLa Mascarade des Frères Grimm
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
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Product CodeJDPLDG028
EAN Code0752830297883
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DesignersTim EisnerBen EisnerJames Hudson
ArtistsLina CossetteDavid Forest
PublishersLucky Duck GamesSkybound Games
DistributorsAbysse Corp.
Type of publicFamily