2 Players
Nb of players

10 Min
Playing time

Age: 5+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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How about a game of Hide and Seek? In Lapala, the players will take turns hiding and searching. Using visual elements, but also communication, will you be able to find the other player? A hide-and-seek game in a colourful, warm and multi-cultural atmosphere, all sprinkled with communication.

In Lapala, players play hide and seek in a house. One of the players will have to find the other who is hiding behind the screens representing the rooms in the house. The hider (Hide) will count to 3 and the seeker (Seek) will have to close his eyes after looking at the visible rooms. While Hide is hiding by putting his token behind a coin, he will turn that coin over. The double-sided illustrations are slightly different! Then Hide will throw two tokens, one representing Truth on one side and Lie on the other, and the next representing History or Love. Depending on which side of the tokens Hide will have to say something he likes about this coin, for example, or make up a story that never happened in this coin. With the visual and communication information, Seek will choose a room and see if Hide is behind it! If he is, he advances on the score track and if he catches up with Hide, he wins the game. If not, Hide moves forward and if he reaches the end of the track wins the game.

Contents of the box : 9 coins, 6 character tokens, 6 character tokens, 1 story / what you like, 1 truth / lie token.

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Primary titleLapala
Year published2020
Release DateDecember 2020
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DesignersJean Philippe Sahut
ArtistsChristine Alcouffe
PublishersBankiiiz Editions
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily