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Gold Coast, Australia, 2100. Start of construction of the first oceanic MegaCity. The fight against overpopulation and sea level rise has become the world's top priority. Technological advances allow us to build imposing superstructures on huge floating platforms. You are the next generation of architects called upon to design and build these marvels of structural engineering. Race for contracts, build beautiful buildings, and compete for awards as a unique MegaCity emerges each time you play. It's a competitive profession where prestige points are paramount!

MegaCity: Oceania is the city building game in which you build a unique city every time. Players create an all-new MegaCity by collecting building tiles, building parts and contracts. However, this is not a cooperative game - you fight to score Prestige points based on the contracts you complete. Players can also earn bonus Prestige points by creating the tallest buildings, using a single material and placing monuments in parks. At the end of the game, rewards are awarded that contribute to the final score, and points are lost if players still have coins in their personal stash. Whoever has the highest total is declared the winner, and the best architect of your new MegaCity.

Players build when it's not their turn, which means it's a game with little downtime. A combination of dexterity, light strategy and creativity make MegaCity a truly unique experience - a city building game where you build a new city every time you play!

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Contents of the box : 150 building elements, 29 hexagonal tiles, 36 contracts, 1 reward board, 2 rulers, 1 marker for the highest building, 32 player cubes, 60 prestige tokens, 1 bag, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titleMegaCity: Oceania
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
LanguagesGerman, French, Italian
Product CodeHUGMEGA01ML
EAN Code3558380076407
Weight3.97 lbs
Size11.50 x 11.50 x 4.02 inches
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DesignersMichael FoxJordan Draper
ArtistsWinnie Shek
PublishersHub Games
Type of publicFamily