Mysterium Park

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Mysterium Park

2-6 Players
Nb of players

28 Min
Playing time

Age: 10+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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Welcome to Mysterium Park! Its cotton candy, its circus and its dark secrets... Its former director has disappeared, but the investigation has yielded nothing. Since that night, strange things have been happening. As psychics, you're convinced that a ghost is haunting this carnival and you're determined to help him uncover the truth.

In this asymmetrical game, the ghost sends visions with picture cards. The psychics try to interpret them to first clear suspects and investigate the different locations to finally identify the murderer and the crime scene. You have 6 pleasant nights before the carnival breaks camp. Open your minds and find the truth!

Set in an American carnival in the 1950s, Mysterium Park shares the same basic mechanics as the famous award-winning game it re-releases, but with a different approach: smaller and faster, thanks to a super-fast setup and simplified rules. Mysterium is a milestone in immersive and eye-catching role-playing experiences.

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Primary titleMysterium Park
Year published2020
Release DateOctober 2020
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Product CodeLIBMYST04FR
EAN Code3558380029441
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DesignersOleksandr NevskiyOleg Sidorenko
ArtistsXavier ColletteM81 Studio
Type of publicFamily