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Whether you're going on a trip, dining out, having a birthday for the little one, being a concerned grandparent or trying to sleep in, you always have to solve THE question: how do you keep the kids occupied? How to play with them? The concept is simple and very effective: each card corresponds to a pledge to be realized. For example, if the child draws the "rocket" card, he must tell the story of the first space flight of a pea.

It saves: all parents/grandparents/uncles/aunts/sponsors/nannies and other charitable souls who look after children! The 54 cards in each Kit promise moments of sharing between children and parents... and peace of mind for the latter!

Contents of the box : 54 cards, 1 notice.

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Primary titleParent Épuisé: Kit de Survie - J' M'Ennuie
Year published2020
Release DateFebruary 2020
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Product CodePEANN01FR
EAN Code3770006210051
Weight0.39 lbs
Size2.95 x 4.53 x 0.98 inches
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DesignersShiva Shaffii
PublishersParent Épuisé
Type of publicFamily