2-4 Players
Nb of players

20 Min
Playing time

Age: 6+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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For a long, long time, the castle of Patatrap has been regularly invaded by all sorts of threatening and more or less evil creatures. This is how the order of the intrepid was created, gathering all the adventurers of the region ready to defend the castle of Patatrap and its fabulous Tower of 1000 mirrors! In turn, each player must move his or her Character pawn through the trapdoors on the game board. Use the mirrors to see the contents of the traps.

The objective? Collect useful equipment to go and fight the final boss! The first player who manages to strike him three times wins the game. But beware of trapped traps, you'll have to remember where they are... Finally, unless the elf, the ghost or the thief decides to get involved and make a mess.

Patatrap Quest CoverPatatrap Quest Cover 3dPatatrap Quest EclatePatatrap Quest Zoom

One File Available

Patatrap Quest Règle : French

Contents of the box : 4 Character counters, 1 game board, 24 trapdoors, 4 Family tokens, 4 Character boards, 2 dice, 1 1000 Mirror Tower, 48 Big Bad round cards, 82 Object tokens, 5 replayable adventures.

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Primary titlePatatrap Quest
Year published2020
Release DateDecember 2020
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DesignersWilfried FortMarie Fort
ArtistsMichel Verdu
PublishersSpace Cow
Type of publicChild