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This box is the French version of the hit game The Resistance, released a few years ago by the publisher Indie Board ans Cards. This new edition of the game integrates new roles that allow to make informed decisions and to intensify the interaction between players. In The Resistance, a small group of strong supporters of the Resistance oppose a government as powerful as it is corrupt. Their mission: To launch a series of daring missions aimed at destabilizing the ruling power and bringing the government to its knees.

Unfortunately, their objective will be undermined by infiltrated spies who have the firm intention of sabotaging the meticulously conceived plans. It only takes one spy to make a mission fail. Compose your teams with great care, otherwise the word freedom will never again have any meaning. Will the resistance be able to unmask spies in time?

The Resistance 2020 Cover 3dThe Resistance CartesThe Resistance CoverThe Resistance Eclate

2 Files Available

Download the rule for Résistance or any other documents (scenarios, goodies, pedagogical sheet, erratum, ...). 2 PDF files are available. See all available files

Contents of the box : 11 Identity Cards, 5 Squad Cards, 20 Voting Cards, 10 Mission Cards, 15 Conspiracy Cards, 6 Score Markers, 1 Progress Marker, 1 Score Board.

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Primary titleRésistance
Year published2020
Release DateSeptember 2020
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Product CodeSRES001534
EAN Code3760146647534
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DesignersDon Eskridge
ArtistsMichael RasmussenLuis FranciscoJarek NocońGeorge PatsourasJordan SaiaJordy KnoopAlex MururJihoon JangLuis FrancoLuis ThomasMaryam KhatoonPiotr HaraszczakVinh Mac
DistributorsSurfin' Meeple
Type of publicAmateur