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Space! For thousands of years, humans have marvelled at the cosmos. Modern astronomy gives us valuable insight into what is happening in the universe, but it is still possible to marvel at the expanse above us. In Stellar, you are astronomers, calibrating your telescopes to highlight celestial objects of different types - planets, moons, asteroids, interstellar clouds, black holes, and even satellites - while creating a magnificent night sky show!

For 11 rounds, your telescope AND your notebook are filled with your observations. You and your opponent play 2 celestial body cards per round. The choice of the first card played forces the second to be played. In such a round, will you first complete your notebook OR your telescope? The celestial bodies played in your telescope must be adjacent; they score majority points according to the area where they are at the end of the game. Their power multiplies to your collection series in your notebook, but only for the same type of celestial bodies. Duplicates do not count in your notebook, but allow you to increase the majority in your telescope. Observing the stars without observing your opponent's game could cost you victory...

Stellar CoverStellar Cover 3dStellar EclateStellar Zoom

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Contents of the box : 60 Celestial Object cards, 5 Coordinate cards, 24 Telescope cards, 1 block of 50 score sheets, 2 Reference cards.

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Primary titleStellar
Year published2020
Release DateAugust 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeJDPRGS029
EAN Code3760243850899
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DesignersBen PinchbackMatt Riddle
ArtistsJanos OrbanTim Barton
PublishersOrigamesRenegade Game Studios
DistributorsAbysse Corp.
Type of publicFamily