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Tainted Grail takes 1 to 4 players on a narrative adventure in the heart of a sinister universe that draws its inspiration from Arthurian legends and Celtic myths, disturbingly reinterpreted by the authors and illustrators of Awaken Realms. Each player controls an unlikely hero who will have to face terrible trials that the bravest and wisest champions have bent the knee to face. Pursued by the insidious and corrupt power of the Wyrd, struggling with the exhaustion of their resources and facing terrible encounters, the characters will have to accomplish the impossible... and often die along the way.

The status system lets players measure the consequences of their actions over the long term, while the multi-layered storyline allows players to approach problems in a variety of ways, ensuring that each game will be different from the last.

Tainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon CoverTainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon Cover 3dTainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon EclateTainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon Eclate

Tainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon funded on the Kickstarter platform

Tainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 28 December 2018, the campaign lasted 23 days. 41,939 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was £40,000.00. Thanks to these 41,939 people the game could be funded up to £4,940,030.00, ~12,350.08%.

One File Available

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Rulebook : English

Contents of the box : 4 Embossed Character Trays, 8 Finely Detailed Figures, 10 Plastic Dials, Over 760 Maps, Over 200 Pages of Thrilling History, 8 Adventure Plans and Letters, Over 120 Markers and Counters.

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Primary titleTainted Grail: La Chute d'Avalon
Year published2020
Release DateSeptember 2020
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeEGETG01
EAN Code8435407629981
Weight9.70 lbs
Size12.20 x 12.20 x 4.88 inches
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DesignersKrzysztof PiskorskiMarcin Świerkot
ArtistsPiotr FoksowiczEwa LabakPiotr Gacek
PublishersEdge EntertainmentAwaken Realms
Type of publicPassionate