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Place your bets! In Unicorn Fever, the players are inveterate gamblers who exploit candid unicorns for rainbow races. Their goal? To cover themselves with glory beyond measure, and prove that they are the kings of the bettors. Their weapons? Their innate sense of gambling, the misuse of magic... and bad company! Betting and stratagems. Before each race, players are invited to plan their strategy. The actions available are limited, so they will have to adapt their choices according to the actions that remain in play. The actions allow you to place bets (on a victory or on a podium), to win money, to use magic (to boost or brake the unicorns on the track) and to sign contracts with the elven underworld. The latter can trigger effects at the end of the game, and can lead to major turnarounds. This particularly feverish planning phase is when strategies are put in place before the start of the race!

It's the race! Once the race has started, the unicorns advance on their own initiative (using a card drawn from a dedicated deck, to which a roll of the dice is added to add a little spice to the race). The unicorns progress, sprint, and suffer the effects of the magic cards played on them. If the unicorns with the highest odds will win the tie, the one with the worst odds will go into "Fever" mode and unleash its power... often spectacular! After each race, the players get money back if their unicorn has reached the podium, but especially if they were right on their bets. It will also be an opportunity to win glory, but beware: each point of glory requires a little gold in your pocket to be kept! Otherwise you will have to make up your mind to take out a loan from the elven usurers, who will be happy to help you out for interest.

Unicorn Fever is therefore a particularly enjoyable strategy game that combines a quirky theme with clever mechanics for a game rhythm with increasing tension and a spectacular ending. For it is not enough to have glory, you must also be free of debt, and the winner will sometimes be the best manager rather than the best gambler. Unicorn Fever's eye-catching theme attracts new players, and its depth of play impresses in games that are never the same, as the strategies are numerous and the combos varied.

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Contents of the box : 1 game board, 123 cards, 6 Unicorn figurines, 6 bases, 2 Sprint dice, 1 First Player token, 6 Winner Bet tokens, 6 Early Place Bet tokens, 6 Late Place Bet tokens, 11 Action tokens, 81 Glory tokens, 6 Odds tokens, 6 Owner tiles, 1 Race Count marker, 124 Gold tokens and 1 rule book.

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Primary titleUnicorn Fever
Year published2020
Release DateNovember 2020
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Product Code51740
EAN Code3760175517402
Weight0.88 lbs
Size11.81 x 11.81 x 2.76 inches
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DesignersLorenzo SilvaLorenzo Tucci Sorrentino
ArtistsGiulia Ghigini
PublishersIelloHorrible Games
Type of publicAmateur