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Rise & Fall is a strategy game with total control. Each player controls a civilization trying to expand and progress in a fantasy world. This world presents a unique landscape where glaciers live on islands and huge cliffs are common barriers and challenges. In this beautiful country, each player starts with a small tribe consisting of a village, a citizen and a ship and will grow to a complete civilization with more of the above mentioned units but also temples, merchants and the precious mountain people, the only ones able to cross these amazing cliffs.

Rise & Fall is a very immersive and addictive game, easy to understand, without luck or chance. The initial creation of the world by itself is a real pleasure and each game brings a different card to the table. New players will appreciate the game for its "easy access" aspect. As all the actions you can do are displayed on all six cards of a player's deck, this makes the game truly accessible from the very beginning.

The most demanding strategic players will appreciate the game for its "total control" aspect and the fact that the learning curve seems to be a constant line of progression.

Rise & Fall ArtworkRise & Fall ArtworkRise & Fall ArtworkRise & Fall Cover

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Primary titleRise & Fall
Year published2021
Release DateMay 2021
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DesignersChristophe Boelinger
ArtistsDogan OztelGuillaume Beauchêne
Type of publicPassionate