Nicolas Hubert (Artist)

Nicolas Hubert

Nicolas Hubert, Artist board games. Illustrated 1 games (Guardians of Legends)

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Guardians of Legends

2019 - (x)(x)(x)(,)() 3.4 - 17 Notes
Guardians of Legends

3-5 Players
Nb of players

45 Min
Playing time

Age: 8+
Minimum age

Guardians have always watched over the legends and myths of this world, and have hidden clues throughout the ages to bring them to life in the minds of human beings. Today, you are exploring the Guardians' archipelagos, where the legends of our world are born! Go on an adventure and try...

Languages : German, English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese
Amount : from €21.69 to €36.00

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