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Smaug was defeated, the Battle of the Five Armies was won, and Bilbo returned to The County. The War of the Ring is for in a few generations. In relative peace, the free peoples of the Wildlands look beyond their borders for the first time, establishing trade routes, renewing the bonds between their cultures and bringing prosperity to the region north of the Black Forest, Mount Solitary, and on the eastern slope of the Misty Mountains.

But there are still many dangers, and orc strongholds of the dark mountains of the Black Forest, a shadow waiting, recovering its strength, developing plans, and slowly extending its grip ...

The Unique Ring: Adventures in the Wildlands is the new fantasy role-playing game in the world of The Hobbit ™ and The Lord of the Rings ™. Taking place five years after the events recounted in The Hobbit, he introduces players to the world of Middle-earth by focusing on the Wildlands, the region visited by Bilbo during his trip to the Lonely Mountain.

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Contents of the box : Book of 332 pages with a colour cardboard cover.

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Primary titleL'Anneau Unique
Year published2014
Release DateJune 2014
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeUBIAU01
EAN Code9788415334231
Weight3.20 lbs
Size8.78 x 11.30 x 0.91 inches
Number of pages332
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersFrancesco Nepitello
Andrew Kenrick
Marco Maggi
Dominic McDowall-Thomas
Amado Angulo
James R. Brown
ArtistsTomasz Jedruszek
Andrew Hepworth
Jon Hodgson
John Howe
Jan Pospíšil
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Type of publicAmateur