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The most depraved city in the world. After the Great War, Berlin gained a reputation for debauchery. It's the place where you can get anything - anything at all - if you put a price tag on it. The streets are full of prostitutes of all kinds, crippled veterans, penniless immigrants and political agitators who rub shoulders with uptight businessmen, workers, scholars and artists. Dozens of political murders are being carried out in the gutters; communists and nationalists of the Völkisch movement are fighting each other or the police. Very late at night, world-famous cabarets offer a seemingly limitless amount of music, dance and exciting entertainment, providing a stark contrast to the grey buildings that stretch for miles along the sprawling byways.

And to this buzz, Depraved Berlin adds the supernatural elements of the Cthulhu Myth. The city is a hotbed of occult organisations, peculiar sects and legends whispered around the bend in the street. In the unhealthy air of the world capital of debauchery, human nature is called into question. And as Berlin inexorably rushes towards a doomed fate, the oppressive atmosphere becomes even heavier, testing the investigators' reason.

This book presents an overview of the city of Berlin in the 1920s as it was known to visitors and residents at the time. You will find tips on how to create investigators for a local campaign, as well as organizations to help you keep the group together. The book presents the remarkable people in the context, the important sites, and a simple system for generating cityscape details on the fly. The Guardian will also find details on crime and justice, the local mob and the jet-set, in order to understand what makes Berlin a unique city. Three scenarios are included, covering the events between the end of the Great War and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Each presents Berlin and its people in fascinating detail, focusing on different facets of the horror. You can play them separately, for Berliners and visitors alike, or even turn them into an entire campaign centred on the city.

In The Devil Eats Flies, Germany is on the brink of economic ruin and political chaos. The spectre of a madman haunts the city, pushing citizens against each other. In order to stop this evil spirit and save a Russian princess in exile, investigators must make a pact with evil forces and ask themselves what lives they are willing to sacrifice to save the city. The ballet of vice, horror and ecstasy takes place during the golden age of Berlin's superficial stability and prosperity. A failed sorcerer, a debauched dancer and a strange Gnostic sect of Saturn worshippers threaten to upset this balance and turn Berlin into a cesspool of insanity and depravity. Schreckfilm sees Berlin heading towards a fatal fate. Investigators find themselves faced with a cabal of the city's big shots determined to hijack the world-famous local film industry for evil purposes. Trapped in a labyrinth of their own design, pursued relentlessly by pernicious forces beyond their control, they are confronted with a fundamental question: where is reality and where is illusion?

For discerning readers. This book exploits adult themes such as drugs and sex, and is therefore aimed at informed gamblers.

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Contents of the box : 1 book of 272 pages.

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Primary titleL’Appel de Cthulhu: Berlin la Dépravée
Year published2021
Release DateJanuary 2021
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Product CodeEFCHCT05
EAN Code8435407631458
Weight2.43 lbs
Size8.50 x 11.02 x 1.06 inches
Number of pages272
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DesignersMike MasonDavid LarkinsLynne Hardy
ArtistsPat LoboykoLoïc MuzyChris HuthKristina CarrollCaleb ClevelandVandel J. ArdenDimitar StoyanovEmanuele DesiatiMagdalena MieszczakMatt RyanMichelle LockamySam BeckTrevor Henderson
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2020 - L’Appel de Cthulhu: Manuel de l'Investigateur2020 - L’Appel de Cthulhu: Manuel du Gardien2019 - L’Appel de Cthulhu: Boîte de Base