4000 years ago, on the eastern bank of the Nile, the foundations of the Temple of Amun-Ra were laid. Over the next two thousand years, the temple was gradually enlarged and became better known as Ipet-Isut ("the largest of the places"), with the most important religious building in the world. Today, the site is known as Karnak, located in Luxor in modern Egypt. Join the ancient pharaohs in creating and developing one of the most impressive sites the world has ever seen, honoring the Egyptian gods Horus, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth and Osiris. You must carefully manage the balance of your actions, preparing for the judgment of the goddess Maat.

The game board of Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun is divided into six sections, each one associated with an Egyptian god: Horus, Ra, Hathor, Bastet, Thoth and Osiris. In the center is an impressive obelisk (Tekhenu) that casts its shadow on different parts of the board. Therefore, the area around the obelisk is divided into sunny, shady and dark sections, depending on how the obelisk casts its shadow at a particular time. As the game progresses, the rotation of the sun changes the sunny, shaded or dark sections.

In each phase, you earn victory points by having the most workshops or quarries of each type, for the buildings built near the Temple of Amen-Ra complex, the number of statues you have built, depending on how happy your people are, or by having reached maximum production. You must also conserve resources to support your people, otherwise you will suffer negative consequences. In addition, after the second and final phase, you can earn bonus victory points through various decrees that you have collected during the game.

Tekhenu EclateTekhenu EclateTekhenu: L'Obélisque du Soleil CoverTekhenu: L'Obélisque du Soleil Cover 3dTekhenu PlateauTekhenu Plateau

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Contents of the box : 4 player boards, 4 game aids, 4 production markers, 4 Maat markers, 4 victory point markers, 4 population markers, 4 happiness markers, 40 buildings, 32 pillars, 88 cards, 10 Botankhamun action tiles, 1 deben token, 1 progress marker, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleTekhenu: L'Obélisque du Soleil
Year published2020
Release DateSeptember 2020
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Product CodePIX-TEK01-FR
EAN Code3701358300435
Weight6.06 lbs
Size11.69 x 11.69 x 2.80 inches
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DesignersDaniele TasciniDávid Turczi
ArtistsJakub FajtanowskiMichał DługajZbigniew Umgelter
PublishersBoard&dicePixie Games
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicPassionate