It was the dawn of a new era in Europe! In the early 15th century, universities were established to challenge the influence of religion on academic studies. Little did the founders of these institutions know that this would lead to academic pursuits that would cause a cultural revolution. At the beginning of the Renaissance, the actors will play the role of chancellors of a new university. Your obvious goal is to become the most successful and prestigious institution of higher learning.

To achieve these goals, you need to attract outstanding students, the best teaching staff in various disciplines and exchange knowledge with other competing schools. Enjoy the coming semester!

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#Historical #Renaissance #Draft #Hand Management #Laying of Workers #Tiles
Contents of the box : 1 double-sided game board, 4 University boards, 24 Set-up cards, 10 Chancellor cards, 12 Bust cards, 16 Ignotus cards, 20 Research cards, 48 Student tiles (4 x Faculty), 48 Professor cards (4 x Faculty), 9 Glory tiles, 28 Shelves, 100 Textbooks, 20 Dictionaries, 24 Masters, 6 Tutors, 9 Prize tiles, 50 Coins, 12 Markers, 1 Round marker, 1 Phase marker, 1 Game rule.

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Primary titleAlma Mater
Year published2021
Release DateJanuary 2021
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Product CodePBGALM01FR
EAN Code4061897511501
Weight5.34 lbs
Size13.78 x 13.78 x 2.76 inches
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DesignersAntonio TintoFlaminia BrasiniStefano LupertoVirginio GigliAcchittocca
ArtistsChris Quilliams
Type of publicPassionate