Soul Raiders
Soul Raiders

1-4 PlayersNb of players

90 MinPlaying time

Age: 13+Minimum age

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Mighty Wizard Warrior, you have joined an ancient troop of elite guardians who have sworn to protect the shrines of the Seven Valleys. When your home is attacked, you take it upon yourself to go beyond your calling, and hit the road in search of lost and stolen magical artifacts vital to saving your world. Do you and your allies have what it takes to become the first soul snatchers the Seven Valleys have known for centuries? Soul Raiders is an original saga, the first designed specifically for the Running Quest game system. This immersive narrative experience, set in a world of high fantasy, pits epic heroes against evil villains in a race to retrieve powerful relics that were used to build the foundations of their universe. Each game box, or Tome, is divided into several game sessions, or Chapters, forming a series of epic adventures that will evolve dramatically through the heroic actions of players and the missions you complete. The Running Quest game system uses intelligent cooperative mechanisms for 1-4 players, confronting heroes with a new threat in each chapter. During your turn, you act independently or collaboratively to explore the surroundings, defeat opponents and complete missions. The scenery is made up of different locations, represented on numbered maps that you will discover as you progress through your adventures.

You draw your actions from a personal deck of cards, managing your hand carefully to choose your path: will you spend all your action points to sneak up on the drawbridge, or should you spend a little less to get down on a more direct approach? You can also look for a hidden entrance in the surrounding marshes... Each choice has a different consequence, but there is no ideal route to follow to win the game, as the author has made sure that every path is a possibility of victory, even if some are easier than others. A true cooperative experience, adventurers share a common pool of hit points, which increases the overall threat level as more and more injuries are taken. You will triumph if you complete the various quests hidden in the many places in the chapter, but you will lose if you run out of time or let your opponents overwhelm you. Since the behaviour of enemies is dictated by the combination of locations in play, you'll have to choose wisely when to fight, or when to run!

The game box contains over a thousand picture cards of various sizes, miniatures for adventurers, as well as a number of tokens and tracks. There are storage items to save your characters' equipment and skills from one chapter to another, and even from one Tome to another!

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Soul Raiders funded on the Kickstarter platform

Soul Raiders was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Aug 6, 2021, the campaign lasted 30 days. 4,270 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €50,000.00. Thanks to these 4,270 people the game could be funded up to €410,491.00, ~820.98%.

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Contents of the box : For each hero: 2 figures, 1 hero board, 24 action cards, 6 heroic action cards. Items common to all chapters: 1 Game Board, 1 Threat marker, 1 Vitae marker, 1 Fatigue marker, 41 Random Enemy cards, 30 Heroism tokens, 10 Hourglass tokens, 10 Poison tokens, 10 Fear tokens, 10 Fracture tokens, 10 Injury tokens, XXX Control tokens, 3 Story tokens, 6 Portals, XXX Quest cards, 8 Potion cards Chapter 1: 42 Location cards, 70 Story cards, 36 Scenario Enemy cards, 2 Event cards, 1 Artifact token. Chapter 2: 42 Location cards, 86 Story cards, 47 Enemy cards, 2 Event cards, 1 Artifact token. Chapter 3: 42 Location cards, 100 Story cards, 59 Enemy cards, 2 Event cards, 1 Artifact token.

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Primary titleSoul Raiders
Year published2022
Release DateDecember 2022
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LanguagesGerman, English, French
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DesignersMarc André
ArtistsDogan OztelGuillaume TavernierLoïc CanavaggiaMagali VilleneuveMark TarrisseProsper TipaldiWilliam Bonhotal
PublishersOne For All
Type of publicAmateur