Mazescape: Labyrinthos
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Mazescape: Labyrinthos

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Mazescape: Labyrinthos

1 PlayersNb of players

30 MinPlaying time

Age: 8+Minimum age

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Mazescape: Labyrinthos is a fascinating and intriguing single-player maze game that guarantees intense moments of thought as you search for the exit. It's a game you can take anywhere and play over and over again to discover every corner of the seven maps included. This is a totally unique concept that promises to surprise and create headaches in equal measure. In this original Devir game you will unfold a map on the table, where you will start from the compass rose with the pointer you will find in the box, moving it along the labyrinthine paths marked in white without ever lifting it from the map. You will have to open and close different parts of the map in search of the Impossible Triangle which will allow you to get out of the maze. You can go under bridges, climb ladders and spin around the maze and in your own head until the exit finally leads you to... the next map!

In Mazescape: Labyrinthos, you will cross three well-defined territories: the docks, the cemetery and the mountain. The first of these cards will help you understand the most essential concepts of the game. Then, from there, they will gradually become more complicated until you reach the final challenge. They also feature a bunch of secondary objectives that you can explore to get the most out of the game.

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Rule, Educational Sheet ... one File AvailableOne File Available

#Myths and Beliefs #Deduction #Puzzle
Contents of the box : 1 slider, 7 Mazescape booklets, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titleMazescape: Labyrinthos
Year published2022
Release DateFebruary 2022
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Product Code51881
EAN Code3760175518812
Size4.13 x 6.50 x 1.18 inches
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DesignersPablo CéspedesVíctor Hugo Cisternas
ArtistsIvana Gahona
Type of publicFamily