Cooperatively explore any novel in your library! Travel through imaginary landscapes and find the treasure of the Lost City! During your adventure, you will encounter surprising adventures and carry out daring missions! A game with bookmarks! Scout one of the books in your library. Secretly read the first lines of the page you are exploring. Choose one of the visible bookmarks, then read the passage to the other players. After listening, the rest of the team tries to find the right bookmark to advance through the book and get closer to winning!

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#Adventure #Book #Cooperative #Deduction #Narrative
Contents of the box : 84 page markers, 26 letter tokens, 6 character tiles, 1 compass, 1 synchro-literometer.

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Primary titleNouvelles ContRées
Year published2021
Release DateOctober 2021
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Product CodeOLINOU01FR
EAN Code3760304130014
Weight1.30 lbs
Size6.22 x 8.98 x 1.93 inches
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DesignersGermain Winzenschtark
ArtistsJeanne Landart
PublishersOlibrius Editions
Type of publicFamily