Here to Slay

Here to Slay

2023 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 4.7 - 9 Notes
Here to Slay

2-6 PlayersBest of 3 players

45 MinPlaying time

Age: 10+Minimum age

FamilyType of public


(Good - usually willing to play.)


Here to Slay is a competitive fantasy strategy card game about gathering a group of heroes and killing monsters (and sometimes sabotaging your friends too) by the creators of Unstable Unicorns. In this game, you will need to gather a group of heroes to kill dangerous monsters while avoiding sabotage from your enemies. The game also includes items you can equip to your heroes, 1V1 challenge cards and roll modifiers to tip the balance in your favour. The first person to kill three monsters or build a complete party of six classes wins the game! Each player can choose a party leader character to represent them throughout the game. Each party leader card has a class and a skill that gives you an advantage over your opponents. Whether you like fighters, bards, wizards or thieves, you'll find a party leader that suits your play style - but choose wisely, because you only have one party leader for the entire game!

Your heroes are brave adventurers, ready to attack monsters and face your enemies! The game includes over 40 unique heroes. Each hero card has a class and an effect, and each hero effect requires a die roll. In order to use a hero's effect, you must roll two dice and get a result equal to or higher than the required result for that effect. Heroes take advantage of items, magic and modifiers to increase their chances of a successful roll. To kill this monster, you must roll two dice and get a result equal to or greater than the required result for that monster. Caution: Each monster has a roll range in which it defends itself, and if you get a result within that range, your party could be in great danger...

Don't like what your opponent just played? Make a challenge! Challenge cards can be played instantly to try and stop another player from playing a hero, item or magic card. Playing a challenge card initiates a 1V1 challenge in which both you and another player must roll the dice. If he wins the challenge, he can still play his card, but if you win the challenge, you can send his card straight to the discard pile!

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Contents of the box : 1 Main Deck (115 Standard Cards), 6 Rules Reference Cards, 6 Group Leader Cards, 2 6-sided dice, 15 Monster Cards.

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Primary titleHere to Slay
Year published2023
Release DateJanuary 2023
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Product CodeTEEHTS01FR
EAN Code3558380083634
Weight1.19 lbs
Size6.89 x 8.46 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersRamy Badie
ArtistsRamy Badie
Type of publicFamily