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From prehistory to the digital era, guide your civilization to its peak! llect inventions and revolutionary ideas to grow and eclipse other players.

Tactics, opportunism and daring will be the keys to your victory!

Innovation is based on Innovation Cards, which represent as many decisive inventions in our History.

These cards, in five different colors, allow players to increase their play options and produce Resources. During the game, each player will have to collect several of these cards and stack them according to their color. All have one or more Dogmas that reflect the spirit of a civilization at a given moment. There are two types of Dogmas: Cooperative Dogmas, which benefit opponents with as much or more resources as the player, and the Dogmas of Supremacy that allow him to impose his will on opponents with fewer resources than him.

In turn, the player has two actions among pick, put a card in play, activate a Dogma and dominate a Period. Although a maximum of five cards can be active at the same time, the ones that are covered can be shifted by Dogmas and thus increase the Player's Resources. These Resources increase the power and resilience of the player's civilization. They make it possible to benefit from the adverse Innovations, to reinforce its attacks and to protect itself from those of its adversaries. Finally, some Dogmas can gain Influence points to dominate Periods.
This is important because there are indeed three ways to win the game: to be the first to dominate a number of Periods and / or Domains; have the most Influence points when the game ends; or fulfill the conditions of the Dogmas of certain cards.

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Primary titleInnovation
Year published2011
Release DateDecember 2011
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Product Code51048
EAN Code3760175510489
Weight1.01 lbs
Size6.30 x 9.06 x 2.09 inches
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DesignersCarl Chudyk
ArtistsChristophe Swal
Cyril Van Der Haegen
Cara Judd
Robin Olausson
Anders Olausson
Carl Chudyk
Type of publicAmateur