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In "Boomerang", players, aboriginal hunters will go hunting. The one who knows best how to bet his boomerangs and use them wisely to capture animals will win the game.

Players will therefore try to collect as many cards as possible representing six types of animals. Bugs that will have to be hunted in one of the five hunting territories where they may be found. As shown in the illustration below, each one goes to two different territories, even within the same species, represented at the top and bottom. At the end of the game, only the player who has the majority of cards of the same species will score points, as many as he has cards. The others will have nothing.

At the beginning of a turn, cards must be turned over until all five territories appear. Depending on the nature and number of cards then present, players will then secretly choose which territory they will hunt in. To do this, they will have to take into account the type of animals that interest them, those that others covet, the territories common to several animals, those that others should neglect, whether it will be possible to hold out for a long time and hope to choose the first or withdraw quickly and collect a small card.

Then, you will have to manage your stock of boomerangs. Each in turn, the players will have to bet one. The one who will last the longest will have the privilege of catching animals first. Each time a player breaks, he recovers the boomerangs already bet and puts down his token (the one where he chose his hunting place). Until there is only one left who then has the privilege of hunting first. He then reveals his token and recovers all the bugs on which the territory appears.

In the example above, by playing with water, he gets a fish and an armadillo. The second then takes what is left according to his marker. If he had played the water, he has nothing. If he had bet on the forest, he gets the other two cards. If he had bet on crazy herbs, he would have had only a simple gallinaceous.

The game proceeds as follows until all cards have been turned over and won by the players.

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Primary titleBoomerang
Year published2012
Release DateJuly 2012
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Michel Lalet
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