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This place undeniably had an aura - foggy, dark and stinking rotting vegetation. It was amazing that something else mushrooms could grow in the vicinity. But your employer, a biologist, had heard rumors of an interesting wildlife roaming around. If you could find such a sample, you know it would be well rewarded. In this smoky, dimly lit pub outside Innsmouth, over two pints of bland beer, a guy from the corner hears your conversation. He approaches your table.

"You want strange specimens, huh? Not bad, in the corner. In fact, just as soon as it was over, Brady went to look for worms in the old cemetery on the hill, where Were Fenstrom's mansion was. It was a long time ago, before it burned. Brady came back with that, which he exchanged for a beer and a whiskey. The old man waves to the bartender. "Martin! Do you still have Brady's big find? "

"He is surely dead, since time. You're lucky I have not thrown it yet. Opening a small wooden box, he said, "Ah, he's still giggling! "

You lean over the bar to take a closer look at the contents of the box. A second later, you regret doing it. Inside you see a little finger with lean vegetal tentacles coming out of the severed flesh while squirming. The little finger is shaken by violent jolts. You jump in horror, jostling a table and knocking over several beers.

"And it's not even the strangest thing that Brady brought back here," Martin said, narrowing his nose over his memory.

Your thoughts are jostling. You wonder if some sort of unknown parasite keeps your finger alive. You are certain that such a discovery must be worth a fortune. "Where can I find this Mr. Brady? You ask.

"Try the graveyard. He is surely looking for nightlife creatures. "

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Primary titleLes Demeures de l'Épouvante: Jusqu'à ce que la Mort nous Sépare
Year published2012
Release DateSeptember 2012
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodePODDE03
EAN Code9781616612078
Weight0.26 lbs
Size5.91 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersTom Jolly
ArtistsHenning Ludvigsen
Michael Silsby
PublishersEdge Entertainment
Fantasy Flight Games
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2011 - Les Demeures de l'Épouvante