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What would happen if mages from different magic schools came to an arena to fight a dead man? An illusionist facing a druid, a wizard facing a druid or a priest facing a magician? Mage Wars is a game that combines the mechanisms of card and figure games and will allow you to create this type of confrontation.

Mage Wars Artwork
Mage Wars Artwork
Mage Wars Carte
Mage Wars Carte
Mage Wars Carte

Contents of the box : 1 "Arena" board, 2 spell books, 322 "spell" cards, 4 "Mage" cards, 4 "Mage Ability" cards, 2 "Mage Status" boards, 8 "Status" cubes, 20 "Action" markers, 2 "Quick Exit" markers, 9 attack dice, 1 effect die (d12), 24 damage counters, 8 Mana counters, 7 Guard markers, 6 Ready markers, 20 Condition markers, 3 Entitlement markers, 1 Initiative marker, 1 Game rule.

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Primary titleMage Wars
Year published2014
Release DateAugust 2014
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeMWA01
EAN Code3558380018469
Weight6.50 lbs
Size16.50 x 12.40 x 3.35 inches
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DesignersBenjamin Pope
Bryan Pope
ArtistsMariusz Gandzel
Tiziano Baracchi
Jim Pavelec
Christophe Swal
Diego Gisbert Llorens
Darek Zabrocki
Leonardo Borazio
Jason Engle
Andrew Baker
Ron Spencer
Chris Seaman
John Stanko
Raven Mimura
Maichol Quinto
Péter Tikos
Roberto Pitturru
Claire Beard
Craig J. Spearing
John Guytan
R. K. Post
Type of publicPassionate