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Once peace was restored to the kingdom of Hadria, the Heroes returned to Andorra, once again threatened. It was then that they sank off the cursed island of Narkon, populated by terrible creatures...

Chada the Archère and Thorn the Warrior leave from the northern tip of the Silver Lands to reach the south of the island: from there, the Dwarves can help them to return to the kingdom of Andorra! But first, the two heroes must face the ever-increasing challenges that stood in their way, as the sinister Curse of Varatan relentlessly pursues them... By joining forces, they will experience exciting adventures and have a chance to reach their destination safely!

Andor: Chada & Thorn is a cooperative card game specially designed for 2 players, in which tactics and consultation will be essential to victory. Calculate your actions carefully, coordinate your movements on the paths open to you, help yourself with powerful objects or loyal allies, join forces to defeat the creatures that haunt the cursed island, and above all, escape the curse that is chasing you...

Thanks to a system of clever scenarios and 36 maps to form your route, experience thrilling and always different adventures!

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Primary titleAndor: Chada & Thorn
Year published2016
Release DateJuly 2016
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Product Code51311
EAN Code3760175513114
Weight1.28 lbs
Size7.87 x 7.87 x 1.77 inches
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DesignersGerhard Hecht
ArtistsMichael Menzel
Michaela Kienle
Type of publicFamily