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In the sleepy town of Arkham, Massachusetts, a small group of intrepid investigators are leading the investigation to uncover the true nature of a terrible threat to all mankind. But beware! There are many horrors in the arcane realm, and the investigators must maintain a tenuous grip on their sanity in order to survive. Horror at Arkham: The Card Game is a cooperative game for one or two players, and up to four with a second copy of this basic box. Each player plays as an investigator trying to unravel supernatural mysteries in a fast-paced campaign. Each part features one of its chapters where each decision has profound implications and unsuspected consequences for the future.

New cards and adventures will appear at a steady pace in future expansions of this Evolutionary Card Game, allowing players to customize the content of this basic box or create their own decks. The Great Old Ones are waiting. Who among us will be able to discover their secrets and survive to bear witness to them?

Horreur à Arkham : Le Jeu de Cartes ArtworkHorreur à Arkham: Le Jeu de Cartes CartesHorreur à Arkham: Le Jeu de Cartes CartesHorreur à Arkham: Le Jeu de Cartes Cover

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Contents of the box : 5 Investigator cards, 5 mini-cards, 110 Scenario cards, 119 Player cards, 30 Resource counters, 44 Chaos counters, 18 Horror counters, 27 Damage counters, 30 Indicator/Fate counters, 1 Campaign Guide, 1 Learning Booklet, 1 Reference Guide.

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Primary titleHorreur à Arkham: Le Jeu de Cartes
Year published2016
Release DateNovember 2016
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeFFJCHA01
EAN Code3558380041979
Weight1.87 lbs
Size10.00 x 10.00 x 1.97 inches
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DesignersNate FrenchMatthew Newman
ArtistsHenning LudvigsenIgnacio Bazán LazcanoEvan SimonetZoe RobinsonChristopher HoschMercedes OpheimMarcin Jakubowski
PublishersEdge EntertainmentFantasy Flight Games
Type of publicPassionate