Memoir '44: The Battle Map 2 - Volume 1 - The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol
Expansion for: Mémoire 44

2-8 Players
Best of 2 players

60 Min
Playing time

Age: 8+
Minimum age

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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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This first volume of our second series of Battle Maps for Memoir' 44 features a complete campaign of 6 standard scenarios, to which can be added the two pre-printed BreakThrough scenarios of this expansion: The Battle of Khalkhin-Gol.

The Battle of Khalkhin-Gol is in fact a series of battles fought along the Halha River (Khalkhin-Gol) on the Soviet-Japanese border at the very beginning of the Second World War. The 6th Japanese Army was facing the 57th Soviet Special Corps, including Mongolian cavalry units. From simple skirmishes, the conflict quickly evolved into an open war. However, the campaign lasted only 5 months, and ended with a Soviet victory.

The six standard scenarios of this expansion can be played separately or within a campaign, where each victory or defeat will influence the next scenario. The Breakthrough scenarios, Tsagan Bath Heights and Hammer and Anvil, can be played in the campaign, as well as one of the two Overlord scenarios, Khalkhin-Gol Circle. The second Overlord, Cap Torokina, was not part of the campaign - it took place much later in the war, and described the fierce battle of Cape Torokina between the US Marines and Japanese forces.

This product is an expansion to the Memoir' 44 game and cannot be used without a copy of it and the Terrain Pack, Eastern Front and Pacific War expansions. The Equipment Pack and Winter Wars are also recommended.

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Be careful this game is an extension of Mémoire 44 and cannot be played alone. To be able to play it you must have a copy of the game Mémoire 44 .

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Primary titleMemoir '44: The Battle Map 2 - Volume 1 - The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol
Year published2016
Release DateDecember 2016
LanguagesFrench, English
Product CodeMEM21
EAN Code0824968730027
Weight1.00 lbs
Size12.20 x 10.94 x 1.18 inches
DesignersRichard Borg
ArtistsJulien Delval
Cyrille Daujean
Claude Rica
Don Perrin
PublishersDays Of Wonder
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2004 - Mémoire 44