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By Jove! Underwater base attack, chase in London or time travel, the famous British heroes are in danger! Follow Blake and Mortimer through 3 exciting adventures in which you'll have to observe, manipulate and solve puzzles like in a real escape game. Thanks to these enigmas (logical deduction, mathematical calculations, encrypted alphabet, etc.), you will progress in the investigation, and in the book, to succeed in finding the solution in 60 minutes max!

The secret of Swordfish. You play Philip Mortimer. You work in the British government's secret base when Colonel Olrik's men suddenly attack! Fight back with Swordfish, this super-powerful combination of a submarine and a fighter plane, is your only chance to get out of it alive. You have one hour to complete the assembly of this device on which you have been working for a long time... After that, it will be too late.

The Yellow Mark. Throughout this mission, one of you will play Francis Blake, the other Philip Mortimer. You both relax over a nice little dinner in your London apartment when someone knocks on the door. A letter was dropped on the ground: "An interesting event will take place in London in sixty minutes..." Signed: the Yellow Mark. Stop this mysterious criminal before he strikes again! This adventure is played by two people: one of the players is facing the book, while the other plays with cards.

The evil trap. You play Philip Mortimer. You have just learned that you have inherited from the late Professor Miloch Georgevitch and his "chronoscaph", an extraordinary time machine. The moment you activate it, you understand that Miloch sabotaged his invention: a countdown has begun, you have one hour to return to the present!

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Primary titleEscape Game: Blake et Mortimer
Year published2017
Release DateNovember 2017
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodePIX122
EAN Code9782317016769
Weight0.44 lbs
Size7.91 x 11.69 x 0.71 inches
Number of pages128
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersMélanie Vives
Rémi Prieur
ArtistsMélissa Faucher
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicFamily