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Perudo is a game of dice, bluff and intox where you will have to combine cunning, luck and skill. Each player has a pretty coloured cup under which he will hide his five dice. At the top, everyone shakes their cup to mix their dice, then puts them on the table, making sure that the dice remain hidden under the cup.

Everyone can then look at his drawing, before asking himself inside himself: "how many dice of the same face are there under all the cups? ». The only clues you will have to answer this question are the five dice you saw under your cup. The other 25 dice will remain mysterious! It's up to you to use the attitudes, facial expressions and announcements of other players to get an idea!

Each player will now announce a value and a number of dice, for example: "under all the cups, I am pretty sure there are 5 dice displaying the value three".

The next player will then have to bid by announcing a higher number of dice: "indeed, and I would even say more, under the cups, there are 6 dice with the value three" or by changing the value of the dice on which he bets, with the obligation to increase this value: "on the contrary, under the cups, there are 4 dice with the value five".

The Toucan-shaped faces (this friendly bird is called Paco), act as a joker, and replace any dice value.

Perudo Back
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Perudo Cover 3d
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Primary titlePerudo
Year published2017
Release DateAugust 2017
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LanguagesFrench, Dutch
Product CodePE01B
EAN Code3558380000969
Weight0.88 lbs
Size4.33 x 5.91 x 4.13 inches
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DesignersAlfredo Fernandini
Cosmo Fry
ArtistsThierry Masson
Type of publicFamily