2017 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(x) 4.7 - 50 Notes

2-4 Players
Best of 3 players

90 Min
Playing time

Age: 12+
Minimum age

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(Good - usually willing to play.)

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We are at the beginning of the Meiji era. Yokohama, which was a small sleepy fishing village, became, with the opening of the foreign trade and the decline of Edo, the first trading hub of all Japan. During this period, Japanese products such as copper and wild silk were installed in Yokohama for export to foreign countries. In addition, foreign culture and technology have been gradually incorporated in Japan, causing a wave of modernization in the streets of the city. Behind all these incredible changes stood the competent merchants of Yokohama.

Each player is a Yokohama merchant who competes with other merchants to gain fame through their thriving businesses.
There are different ways to gain fame, such as showcasing merchandise ordered by foreign traders, learning new technologies and developing the city by building Shophouses and Trading Houses. To fulfill these goals, players will have to travel the streets of Yokohama for various benefits. In addition, it might be a good idea to seek the cooperation of foreign mercenaries.

Which player will become Yokohama's most knowledgeable merchant?

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Yokohama Rulebook

It is the beginning of the Meiji era. Once just a sleepy fishing village, the opening of foreign trade in Yokohama and the decline of Edo led Yokohama to become the premier hub of trade in all of Japa...

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Primary titleYokohama
Year published2017
Release DateOctober 2017
Product Code065
EAN Code4260184330256
Weight4.32 lbs
Size9.06 x 12.60 x 2.95 inches
DesignersHisashi Hayashi
ArtistsAdam P. McIver
Ryo Nyamo
PublishersTasty Minstrel Games
Dlp Games
Okazu Brand
DistributorsDlp Games
Type of publicPassionate