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Holà moussaillons and sea lions, here is a game for you and your comrades in misfortune! A Pirates Story is an original, cooperative and real-time game. Your 3D ship, Ellen, sits in the middle of the table, in the middle of the waves. A free application informs you about the objective of the current scenario (there are ten in all, for a campaign full of adventures). Each sailor grabs his hourglass and... chooses his position!

There are as many possible actions as there are locations on the Ellen, where you will place your hourglass; the action is available as soon as the hourglass has passed. Increase or decrease the speed of your ship (sails), steer it (rudder), fire all wood (guns), load guns, repair damage (repair) and monitor the surroundings (lookout).

As soon as the tour begins, it's a guaranteed frenzy: who goes where, why, and after? Because the scenarios are divided into rounds, which are also limited in time! Throughout the campaign, the Ellen will evolve, habits will settle... and the di culté will increase. Get ready for a story like no other, a pirate story! So, you're boarding, boys?

Contents of the box : 1 boat to assemble, 6 sectors for the board, 4 sandglasses, 3 plugs, 4 cannonballs, 1 die, 14 damage pieces, 5 life points, 2 rule books (plus lots of surprises!).

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Primary titleUne Histoire de Pirates
Year published2019
Release DateMay 2019
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Product CodeCCT0P01FR
EAN Code3558380056874
Weight3.31 lbs
Size14.96 x 10.63 x 3.15 inches
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DesignersAsger Harding GranerudDaniel Skjold PedersenDaniele Tascini
ArtistsRuslan Audia
PublishersCranio Creations
Type of publicFamily