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Ydrody works thanks to an ingenious principle of communicating vessels. Some great games of fun to come. Ydrody is a cooperative game, simple and inventive at the same time! The goal of the game is to successfully follow the course with the ball, avoiding that it leaves the circuit and falls off the board; if this is the case, the ball is replaced at the start. Ydrody is composed of a support, a labyrinth tray that rests on 3 syringes and a ball. At the base of each of these 3 syringes, 3 tubes are placed at the end of which 3 other syringes are placed in which water is put.

Each player grabs a syringe and either pushes the piston of his syringe or pulls it up or down, raising or lowering the pistons of the syringes on which the tray rests. The effect will tilt the board and the ball will advance through the labyrinth. A nice cooperative game since the players have to coordinate their movements.

Ydrody CoverYdrody Cover 3dYdrody EclateYdrody Eclate

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Primary titleYdrody
Year published2019
Release DateJuly 2019
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Product CodeGRA02
EAN Code3760032261035
Weight0.99 lbs
Size11.42 x 11.42 x 1.97 inches
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PublishersGrain De Crea
Type of publicFamily