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When you play Foodies, you're always in the oven and in the grinder! Buy food stands and place them wisely in your living room. With good organisation (and a bit of luck!), your network will grow richer with international food stars and your fame will keep growing! Each gastronomy has its own specificities, so it's up to you to decide WHO to recruit for your salon and WHERE it will be located. Of course, very special Chefs can be recruited to take your fame to new heights if you can attract their favours.

Foodies CartesFoodies CartesFoodies CartesFoodies Cover

One File Available

Contents of the box : 1 Market Board, Culinary Show Boards, 15 Player Chits, 1 10-sided die, 1 First Player counter, 10 Culture cards, 5 Special Chef cards, 100 Stand cards (10 for each of the 10 different cultures), 50 Coin counters, 20 Prospectus counters, 20 Renown counters, 1 Rule Book.

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Primary titleFoodies
Year published2020
Release DateAugust 2020
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Product CodeEFCMFD01
EAN Code8435407630048
Weight2.65 lbs
Size10.24 x 11.65 x 3.31 inches
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DesignersKen GruhlMarco Portugal
ArtistsHannah CardosoSaeed Jalabi
PublishersEdge EntertainmentCmon Limited
Type of publicFamily