You are Alex. With friends, fans of mysteries, thrills and adventures like you, you founded the Escape Geeks. For your second mission, an enigmatic "Fairy Circle" has summoned you to the Père-Lachaise cemetery to put you to the test. The goal: to find out if you are worthy of helping them in their fight against Odal, a dangerous group of esoteric fanatics who want the powers of Merlin the Enchanter for themselves. Solve the riddles to escape the graveyard unscathed!

This game book is a great way to introduce youngsters to Unlock! adventures while experiencing a thrilling story! It uses the simple mechanics of Escape Books and Books You Are the Hero, while retaining what makes Unlock! so special: clever puzzles that test the reader's sense of observation and logic. Immersion is therefore guaranteed for players aged 10 and over.

Unlock ! Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi des Catacombes LogoUnlock ! Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi des Catacombes PersonnagesUnlock ! Les Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi des Catacombes PageUnlock ! Les Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi du Cimetière BackUnlock ! Les Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi du Cimetière CoverUnlock ! Les Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi du Cimetière Cover 3d
#Horror #Escape Game
Contents of the box : 1 book of 256 pages.

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Primary titleUnlock ! Les Escape Geeks - Échappe-toi du Cimetière
Year published2021
Release DateApril 2021
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Product CodeSCUNLEG02FR
Weight0.79 lbs
Size5.71 x 8.27 x 0.79 inches
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersFabien ClavelGilbert Han
Type of publicFamily