The plans for a new technology have been stolen from the powerful Solax laboratories after an attack. You play as a group of elite agents: an android, a martial arts expert, an alien and a mercenary. Many possible paths through different locations to visit: futuristic Rome, hostile jungle and enemy fortress. The game is semi-cooperative: the whole group can fail along the way if one of the members dies or if the time limit is exceeded, but once the adventure is successfully completed, a real winner is chosen: the one who has best succeeded in his or her secret personal objective.

Your mission is to intercept the spy droid in the streets of Rome with extreme urgency. Nobody dares to imagine the consequences if you fail... Investigation, traps, fights, survival and puzzles await you. But will you be able to work together to succeed in your common hunt without being distracted by your individual secret objectives?

2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Back 3d2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Cover2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Cover 3d2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Personnage2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Personnage2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros ! Personnage

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#Sci-fi #Cooperative #Narrative #Secret Objective
Contents of the box : 4 books of 96 pages.

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Primary title2070: Le Jeu Dont vous Êtes les Héros !
Year published2022
Release DateJanuary 2022
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Product Code2070
Weight2.56 lbs
Size6.30 x 8.66 x 1.97 inches
Number of pages384
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersEmmanuel Quaireau
ArtistsFabrizio Constantino
PublishersBlue OrangeMakaka Editions
Type of publicFamily