Reimplemented By : Brouhaha


2004 - (x)(x)(x)(,)() 3.1 - 58 Notes

3-42 PlayersBest of 18 players

10 MinPlaying time

Age: 6+Minimum age

ChildrenType of public


(Good - usually willing to play.)


Rule, Educational Sheet ... 2 Files Available2 Files Available

Download the rule for Brouhaha or any other documents (scenarios, goodies, pedagogical sheet, erratum, ...). 2 PDF files are available.

Brouhaha Rulebook


In the forest, all the animals are looking for their companion and, to recognize themselves, they shout ... Have your ear and chest (because there are 21 different animals) and especially pay attention to 4 hunters who can to imitate the cries of the animal of their choice ...

236.30 Ko - In English

Brouhaha Règle


Consultez le tableau qui suit et, suivant le nombre de joueurs, retirez du jeu les cartes indiquées. Elles ne seront pas jouées pendant la partie.

599.27 Ko - In French