Build your own galactic kingdom. Improve your military power through trade and send your armada of warships to protect what belongs to you and conquer what does not yet belong to you! Each player starts with 50 Influence points and a personal deck of 10 ships, in which he draws 5 cards (3 for the first player) to constitute his starting hand. The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent's influence to zero. 5 cards are also placed between the players to form the trading area.

In turn, play as many cards from your hand as you wish. When brought into play, Ships and Bases trigger effects that allow you to acquire new cards and attack your opponent. Build your deck with finesse by choosing your cards from the 4 factions of the game, and trigger powerful combos! The terrifying Blob fleet brings devastating strike power, the Trade Federation troops restore your Influence, the Techno-Cult machines are specialized in deck depletion and finally, the Galactic Empire army helps to draw more cards and discard them to your opponents.

All ships played are discarded at the end of your turn, as are the purchased cards and those you have left in your hand. The bases remain in front of you until they are destroyed by your opponents and can sometimes even protect you from their attacks. Always draw 5 cards again at the end of your turn.

Reduce your enemies' influence to zero and you will win the game!

Star Realms 2016 ArtworkStar Realms 2016 ArtworkStar Realms 2016 CoverStar Realms 2016 Cover 3dStar Realms Cartes BlueStar Realms Cartes Jaune

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Contents of the box : 80 Commerce cards, 16 Scout cards, 10 Prospector cards, 4 Viper cards, 12 Influence 1/5 cards, 6 Influence 10/20 cards, 1 rule booklet.

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Primary titleStar Realms
Year published2016
Release DateJanuary 2016
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Product Code51258
EAN Code3760175512582
Weight0.61 lbs
Size3.74 x 2.68 x 1.81 inches
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DesignersDarwin KastleRobert Dougherty
ArtistsVito Gesualdi
PublishersIelloWhite Wizard Games
Type of publicPassionate