In the past, the city of Amul was one of the crossroads of trade between East and West, and an important milestone on the Silk Road. In the 10th century, the city was conquered by the Arabs, who brought it to the peak of its prosperity, until it collapsed under the blows of the Mongol conquest in 1220.

In Amul, each player embodies a proud merchant on his way to fame and fortune. To achieve this, it will be necessary to find the best goods, hire guards, organise caravans and conclude contracts with traders. In each round, players simultaneously select one of their cards and place it on the market. Then, everyone in the order of the turn chooses a market card. Once everyone has taken a card, each player must play one in their personal play area. Any effects of the cards are resolved immediately. Some cards earn points as soon as they are placed, others will be much more profitable at the end of the game or associated with others. Make the right choices and keep an eye on your competitors!

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Contents of the box : 183 cards (63x88mm), 1 board, 1 score block, 1 card index, game rule.

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Primary titleAmul
Year published2019
Release DateJuly 2019
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Product CodeAM01FR
EAN Code3421272419913
Weight1.21 lbs
Size6.30 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches
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DesignersRemo ConzadoriStefano Negro
ArtistsEilene CherieJere Kasanen
Type of publicFamily