Each of the 2 to 7 players takes the head of a legendary city (Babylon, Ephesus, Rhodes ...), and will have three Ages to make it prosper and even build the legendary Wonder of the World associated with it. The goal of the game is to embellish its city and make it more influential than that of its opponents. In order to develop their city, players will have the choice between 4 different development paths: The military, the scientist, the trade and the civil. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points is declared the winner.

With this new version, 7 Wonders gets a new look! The graphics of the game have been revised (cover, card design, wonders, thermoforming). The rules are easier to access for new players, are now condensed on 8 pages and accompanied by a redesigned game help. The cards benefit from a new ergonomics, with improved readability. The guilds previously distributed between the extensions are all present in the basic box. The Wonders are much larger and have a day side (side A) and a night side (side B). The game box is larger while remaining at a standard size. The chaining is based on the iconography of 7 Wonders Duel. Symbols are integrated so that colorblind players can play without problems.

7 Wonders 2020 Cover7 Wonders 2020 Cover 3d7 Wonders 2020 Eclate7 Wonders Artwork7 Wonders Artwork7 Wonders Artwork

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Contents of the box : 7 Wonder Decks, 7 Wonder Cards, 49 Age I Cards, 49 Age II Cards, 50 Age III Cards, 46 Conflict Chips, 46 Value 1 Coins, 24 Value 3 Coins, 1 Score Book, 1 Rule Book, 2 "2 Player" Cards.

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Primary title7 Wonders
Year published2020
Release DateSeptember 2020
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Product CodeREP7W01FR
EAN Code5425016923764
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DesignersAntoine Bauza
ArtistsMiguel Coimbra
PublishersRepos Production
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