Feralis: Obscure Land is a dark and brutal plane of existence, populated by numerous tribal races and civilizations in constant tension with each other, under the influence of mysterious and feared archaic deities, the Aesyr. The Feralis card game calls upon the player to impersonate one of these cryptic and extraordinary gods. The Aesyr can make arrangements or dominate the creatures that inhabit Feralis and force them to fight against other gods. Power, glory, boredom, it is not clear why these eternal gods continue to battle and murder each other, but no one remembers a time when the world of Feralis was not accompanied by the ceaseless rhythm of the colossal armies they summon. Feralis is a deck-building card game for 1vs1, 2vs2 and solo battles. The ultimate goal is to kill your opponents, to do this you must summon your creatures, mutate them and use them to kill creatures in the opponent's zone or go straight to the head of their leader.

In Feralis, players have a deck of creatures, an Aesyr posing as a god, and a set of divine abilities assigned to the god. The creature cards have two sides, a "Call" side and an "Awaken" side. To put them on the battlefield, you must wait for their waiting cost in turns. Once your creatures on the "Call" side are defeated, they come back as "Awakening". You can also play them directly in "Awakening" form, but you will not be able to see their "Call" form. Your main resource is time, you must place the creature at the right time to create a powerful combo between your creatures. You can reduce the cost of time with a limited resource, Catalyst. You have a small amount that you can also use during your opponent's turn to unlock your creature in the Incubator Zone. You can support your creatures with your divine skills, powerful events that take time to prepare but can turn the tide of battle. These skills recharge once used. Use all these resources wisely and show no mercy, your opponents will have none.

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Feralis: Obscure Land funded on the Kickstarter platform

Feralis: Obscure Land was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Apr 21, 2022, the campaign lasted 23 days. 1,151 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €20,000.00. Thanks to these 1,151 people the game could be funded up to €106,662.00, ~533.31%.

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Contents of the box : 20 Skreel cards, 4 Aesyr cards, 20 Marall cards, 20 Valkun cards, 20 Gilmora cards, 30 divine skills, 4 helper cards, 30 Catalyst tokens, 18 D6 dice, 30 Stats counter tokens, 2 game boards, 2 D20 dice, 8 card holders, 6 Defender tokens, 1 rule book.

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Year published2023
Release DateMay 2023
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DesignersLuca Vincitore
ArtistsDavide De BellisGaia Degl'InnocentiGiovanni LazzariGiovanni PanarelloPietro Bastas
PublishersDeer Games StudioDon't Panic Games
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