Welcome to 581. On this distant planet, four factions are fighting for control of alien artifacts left behind by an ancient and advanced civilization. The warring factions are Terra Corps, Scion Imperium, Neo Human Republic, and Feng. With Earth on the brink of ruin, 581 offers the possibility of a second Earth, but who will rule? Who will be the first to build a Wormgate and march their armies through it to conquer the dust of 581?

During the invasions of 581, the factions built large interstellar bases to house, control and deploy their troops. These bases are known as Hives. As a player, you play as the commander of one of these Hives, from which you deploy your forces in the struggle for control of ancient alien artifacts and domination of 581 itself.

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun is a head-to-head, map-based area control game with an emphasis on tactical movement and map design. Each player chooses a faction and, using the cards available for that faction, builds a deck of 18 cards with which to fight. You earn artefacts by controlling objectives and destroying elite enemy units with alien technology. Once you have collected enough artifacts, you use them to build a wormhole. The first person to build a Wormgate, wins the war for the new sun.

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun Back 3dLost Empires: War for the New Sun CoverLost Empires: War for the New Sun Cover 3dLost Empires: War for the New Sun EclateLost Empires: War for the New Sun EclateLost Empires: War for the New Sun Eclate

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun funded on the Kickstarter platform

Lost Empires: War for the New Sun was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Oct 20, 2021, the campaign lasted 22 days. 684 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was $14,000.00. Thanks to these 684 people the game could be funded up to $37,327.00, ~266.62%.

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Contents of the box : 128 faction cards, 3 objective tiles, 4 faction hive tiles, 30 double-sided 1 and 2 damage tokens, 18 double-sided 3 and 4 damage tokens, 28 drain tokens, 12 ELITE tokens, 4 reference cards, 2 result dice, 20 artefact tokens, 8 command tokens, 2 supply tokens, 8 door tokens, 1 first player token, 1 rule book.

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Primary titleLost Empires: War for the New Sun
Year published2023
Release DateFebruary 2023
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Product CodeKOLLOS001017
EAN Code3760372230173
Weight2.20 lbs
Size8.07 x 8.07 x 2.24 inches
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DesignersBrad Pye
ArtistsRyan Pye
PublishersKolossal Games
DistributorsSurfin' Meeple
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