Chenilles Arc-en-Ciel
Reimplemented By : Chenilles Arc-en-Ciel

Chenilles Arc-en-Ciel

2004 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.1 - 4 Notes
Chenilles Arc-en-Ciel

2-4 PlayersNb of players

10 MinPlaying time

Age: 3+Minimum age

ChildrenType of public


(Good - usually willing to play.)


Jack, crack - but who's crawling there? These are the pretty coloured caterpillars that, little by little, come out of the leaves under which they were hidden! The first player who, with a little luck on the dice, manages to fully form his caterpillar, wins the game. Each player takes a caterpillar head and a body part of each colour - the excess heads and body parts remain in the box. Place the body parts in the middle of the table and the head of the caterpillar in front of you. Prepare the die.

Chenilles Arc-en-Ciel 1997 BackChenilles Arc-en-Ciel 1997 Cover 3dChenilles Arc-en-Ciel 1997 EclateChenilles Arc-en-Ciel 1997 EclateChenilles Arc-en-Ciel 1997 EclateChenilles Arc-en-Ciel 2004 Cover

Rule, Educational Sheet ... one File AvailableOne File Available

Contents of the box : 4 track heads, 24 body parts of 6 different colours, 1 multicoloured die, 1 rule of the game.

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Primary titleChenilles Arc-en-Ciel
Year published2004
Release DateOctober 2004
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LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch
Product Code3009
EAN Code4010168030098
Weight0.50 lbs
Size5.71 x 4.02 x 1.30 inches
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ArtistsYayo Kawamura
Type of publicChildren