You trudge along the dark, rocky coastline in search of shelter from the raging storm. Soaked to the skin, you look up to see a bright ray of light piercing the curtains of rain. A lighthouse! But suddenly and inexplicably, the light goes out. You look out into the water and see a ship. It's heading straight for the cliffs! You realise that it is up to you to run to the top of the lighthouse and turn the light back on before the ship crashes into the cliffs! But many obstacles stand in your way...

In EXIT: The Game - The Lighthouse Solitaire, there are puzzles within puzzles, hidden in four 88-piece puzzles. Like the other Exit titles, The Lighthouse Solitaire has no game board, but it also has no puzzle cards. Instead, there are four puzzles that you must find and assemble, one by one. Each completed puzzle reveals a location with more riddles to decipher. In EXIT: The Game - The Lone Lighthouse, you must solve the puzzles and reach the top of the lighthouse to activate its beacon and save the approaching ship before it crashes into the rocks and sinks to the bottom of the sea.

At the beginning of the game, all you have at your disposal is the puzzle bag containing pieces with grey-blue, unpatterned backs and the decoder disc. But there are also strange objects to be found in the game that can be used to help solve the riddles found in each of the puzzles. The game ends when you have solved the last puzzle and reactivated the lighthouse beacon to save the ship from sinking.

EXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire BackEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire CoverEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire Cover 3dEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire DisqueEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire EclateEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire Eclate
#Cooperative #Escape Game #Observation #Puzzle
Contents of the box : 4 puzzles of 88 pieces each, 12 enigma documents, 2 strange objects, 1 decoder disc, 1 rule book.

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Primary titleEXIT: Le Jeu - Le Phare Solitaire
Year published2021
Release DateOctober 2021
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Product Code51875
EAN Code3760175518751
Weight1.23 lbs
Size10.24 x 7.09 x 3.15 inches
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DesignersInka BrandMarkus Brand
ArtistsFlorian BiegeMartin Hoffmann
Type of publicFamily